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A happy patient shares his experiences with Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine for treating chronic ankle pain from severe arthritis.

Patient Reviews

“Dr. Moon and her staff are simply wonderful. Dr. Moon truly listens to you and is responsive to your needs and concerns. She makes plenty of time to focus only on you, and she promptly follows up with you after procedures, to see how you are doing. Her staff welcomes you and treats you like an old friend. As to the medical care, Dr. Moon is well-skilled in PRP injections, and my suspected lichen sclerosus and vulvodynia responded so well to treatment, I no longer find myself bothered by these conditions.” 

- Robin 
“Dr. Moon was fantastic! She not only listens but understands what happens to women when they don't have hormones. Would suggest anyone in mid life to go see her to recharge your life!”

- Lisa Marie Bennett, Facebook Review
“Dr. Moon is absolutely amazing. Very professional and has a wonderful bedside manner. 
Let's just say I am VERY happy with my treatment :)”

- Heather Carrico-Niemiec, Facebook Review
“Really happy with Dr. Moon's vampire treatments! I recommend!”

- Jeffrey DeArmond, Facebook Review
“The future of medicine. Great!! and my baby nice in it. Wonderful!!! Congrats!”

- Martaluz Arcila Gordon, Facebook Review
“Dr. Moon is highly qualified and has a great bedside manner! I would send my family members to her!”

- Lanna Che, Facebook Review
“Dr. Moon carefully explained the treatment so I would be comfortable. She is very professional. She listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions. I am pleased with the treatment and results!”

- Cathy Aliff Samples Moon, Facebook Review
“I was very happy with Dr. Moon prior to the office visit and with the office visit itself. I am optimistic in terms of the procedure, although it is too early at this point to judge the results. If the final results match up with Dr. Moon's bedside manner and office visit I will be super happy!”

- Ken Schultz, Facebook Review
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